Don’t Tell Mom, Part 1: Hot for my step-dad


My mom left Mitch, my step-dad, last week without much fuss or warning. She simply took a few of her things and moved to Utah to be with the asshole she met last year at some business conference, leaving me here with Mitch. I guess I should be more upset, but she’s been a total bitch these past few months and now the house is finally chill. I can’t help but suspect she has been planning on leaving for a long time and that she was just waiting until I turned 18 last month. I feel bad for Mitch, but he seems kind of relieved as well and said he has no problem with me staying here in his house until I finish High School and figure out what I want to do after that.

Mitch has always been cool and while he never seemed interested in playing the role of my father, he has always treated my like family. He feels more like a brother to me than a step-dad, but that is probably due to the fact he is only 16 years older than me. Mitch is also a fucking stud and I’m surer he can do better than my mom. He’s 5’11 with a worked out body, wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes and perfect teeth. He looks like a model yet makes bank as a stock broker here in Phoenix. Mitch has been my jack-off material since he married my mom five years ago and I can’t even look at him when his shirt is off without getting hard.

In fact, Mitch is who I’m fantasizing about right now as my buddy, Alex, is on his knees sucking my dick here in my bedroom. Alex and I were on the junior varsity and varsity wrestling team together and we started messing around last year. Although we are both in the same weight class of 152, we are polar opposites: I am lean, smooth and relatively tall at 5’10 with brown hair and eyes, where he is stocky, hairy and is barely 5’6” with blond hair and blue eyes. Alex is a powerful fucker and is all legs, and he won the county tournament in our weight class earlier this year.

It isn’t that Alex is ugly or anything; I’m just not really all that into him. However, he is one of only three dudes I’ve ever messed around with and he loves sucking dick without expecting anything back, which I love. He already made me shoot once today here on my bedroom floor, and he seems determined to milk another load out of me. I’m on my back, hands behind my head with my eyes closed as he is working hard when my bedroom door pops open and Mitch walks in.

“Fuck,” all three of us yell in unison as Alex pulls his underwear back on and I lay here covering my dick with my hands. I can’t believe I didn’t lock my door, but Mitch is never home from work this early.

“Uh,” Mitch says, looking as embarrassed as I feel. “Sorry, I didn’t know you were home. I’m heading to the gym, and won’t be back until six.” He drops a pile of my laundry on my bed, looks at Alex, and steps out of the room.

“Shit,” Alex says with a nervous smile. “Think he’ll believe we were wrestling?”


“Shit, he repeats, laughing. “He seemed cool, though. Think we freaked him out?”

I can hear the front door close as Mitch leaves. “I’m fucking freaked out,” I say. “What am I supposed to tell him tonight?”

Alex crouches over me and pushes me back down on my back. “Don’t say anything unless he brings it up. Now let me finish what I started.”

“Oh my god, you’re a total whore,” I protest, though I do nothing to stop him as he licks my balls. My cock responds immediately, so I close my eyes and let my mind wander. In my fantasy, Mitch doesn’t leave my bedroom but rather, begins to undress and orders Alex to keep working my bone. Mitch pulls his cock out, drops to his knees, and slaps me in the face with his huge daddy-dick.

“Let’s see if you can handle my dick any better than your mom did, boy,” my sexy image of Mitch growls.

I open my mouth wide and stick my tongue out, begging to taste his throbbing meat. Mitch rubs his cock-head against my face, teasing me, and I can smell the musk of his hairy balls. He rubs my face with his huge hand and forces his thumb in my mouth, pulling my face towards his cock. Without warning, Mitch thrusts deep inside my mouth and begins pumping without mercy. My throat burns and my eyes water with the strain as he thrusts harder and harder until he begins growling like a crazed bear and shoots a massive load so far down my throat I can’t do anything but swallow wave after wave of his hot seed. At the same time, I begin convulsing and thrusting in Alex’s mouth as I shoot a hard second load. I gasp and try not to cry out, but the intensity is overwhelming. I try to pull away, but Alex entwines his legs around mine and pins me down so that he can milk every drop. I can feel Alex beating off and he groans as he shoots on my bedroom carpet, never once releasing my dick from his mouth.

“Holy fuck,” Alex laughs after what seems like hours. “I’ve never made you shoot that hard before. Your step-dad needs to walk in on us more often.”

(you can read part 2 here)


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