What happens in Vegas …

10en71yI’m wide awake at 7 am for some reason, even though my friends and I were up in the casino till 3 am. I glance at the other bed in our suite to see my buddy dead asleep. I’m a little hung over and seriously horny, so I log on to A4A Radar and find 14 other men within 300 feet and apparently in the same predicament. I love how many gay men stay here at the Cosmopolitan.

One guy catches my attention: 36 years old, bottom, decent shape, and looks like he may be Latin. I hit him up with a simple “What’s going on, handsome?” and find out that he is killing time before a 10am meeting, is horny, likes to kiss and be dominated, is 6 floors below me and needs 20 minutes to get ready. I have condoms and he has lube. I can’t remember the last time a hook up was orchestrated so efficiently and before I allow myself time to question it, I am showered and on my way down to his room.

He answers the door in gym shorts and a tight white t-shirt, looking nothing like I imagined from his photo: This boy is breathtakingly handsome with bright blue eyes, light brown hair and reddish scruff. He is 5’9” at best and is built like a gymnast on steroids. I run my hand through his wavy hair as a greeting, then close the door behind me and pull him in for a kiss. The connection is electric, and I know in an instant by his moan and the way he is clinging to me that he feels exactly the same way. I push him against the wall and kiss him hard and deep until we are both gasping for breath.

We finally pull apart long enough for me to pull his shirt off. I’m conscious that anything I say at this moment will sound completely stupid, so I just stand back and admire his defined shoulders and hard chest. He has just the right amount of light brown chest hair, which trails down his tight abs and under the waistband of his shorts.

He rubs his hands over my chest and down my arms. “Damn, you’re buff,” he says, making me laugh.

I can’t think of anything else to say other than “I want you.”

“You have me!”

With that simple statement, I grab his ass, lift him off the ground, and toss him on his bed. He smirks and pulls his shorts and underwear off in a quick jerk, showing off his hard cock. I tear off my clothes without grace, retrieve the 6 condoms from my pocket and toss them on the bed before climbing on top of him for another round of deep kissing. His knees pull up to his chest as soon as I begin grinding my cock against his, so I drop all pretense of romance and reach for the bottle of lube on the nightstand.

I apply lube on his dick, press my cock against his and begin jacking us both off with one hand. He begins fucking my hand, showing off his hard abs. I bend down and begin licking his small nipples, which sets him off. He grabs my hair and pulls me toward him, moaning “don’t let me cum, don’t let me cum.”

I don’t. Instead, I pull a condom over my cock, lube it up and push it against his furry little muscle-butt. His eyes lock onto mine as I lean in for a kiss. “Go slow,” he moans. “I’m not kidding: Go real slow.”

I begin pushing, but his tight little ass isn’t giving in without a fight. He grabs my triceps and pulls me further into the kiss as I continue trying to force myself in. We remain in this position for minutes, supercharged and on the brink. I finally shift my hips enough for my cock to pop in and he shouts as though I have struck him. I stop and hold my position as he grits his teeth, hissing. His hands keep floundering between grasping my triceps and pushing against my thighs, like he can’t decide if he wants to pull me in or push me away. His mouth opens in a silent scream as I push my way deep inside him. I hold this position, rubbing his head and giving him time to adjust.

“Okay?” I finally ask.

He nods.

I move back to an upright position, situate my knees, and slowly pump his tight hole. He maintains a death-grip on my thighs, but starts jacking off after a few minutes. I take this as a green-light, so I push his legs further apart and put my weight into it. He has this deep, masculine voice I would never expect from such a small guy, and his moans and grunts are driving me crazy. He keeps pulling his hand away from his cock, so I know he is already close to coming. I lean forward, pull his arms up over his head and pin him down, letting him know he’s not allowed to shoot just yet. He has great lats, and I would stop and chew on his pits for an hour if fucking him didn’t feel so damned amazing

I begin fucking him as hard as I can just to make him moan louder. His face contorts in agony, but his cock is rock-hard. I pound him for five minutes until I am dripping with sweat and he is nearly sobbing. Finally, he finds his voice and asks to rest a minute. I think I give him ten seconds as I switch out with a new condom, twist him on his side, push one knee to his chest and continue my attack on his ass so roughly that he has to brace his hands on the headboard to keep me from smashing him against it.

I grab his hips, flip him on his back, and pull him away from the headboard. Pushing his thighs flat against his chest, I begin pounding him into the bed. His eyes look manic as he begins wildly jacking off, and he shoots a massive load clear over his head without warning. I keep pumping until he finally pushes against my thighs to stop me.

“Sorry,” he pants.

“They’re not my sheets,” I say with a smile.

I wipe a line of cum from his face and kiss him, my cock still inside him. He bites my lip as soon as I push, and hisses when I push all the way back in. His ass is even tighter now, radiating heat. He’s telling me to stop over and over again, but I can’t make myself stop fucking him. I piston his ass until my legs begin to tremble. I pull out and tear the condom off at the last minute, shooting all over his stomach and the hotel pillows. Panting, I drop on top of him; ignoring his protests that he is covered in jizz. I kiss him again, reigniting our connection, and can’t help but feel love for this stranger – if only for this one moment. We lay like this for what feels like an hour, and I continue to kiss him and rub his face. He reminds me of his 10 am meeting, yet continues to pull me toward him.

Even as a writer, I can never properly explain how such an amazing connection can ignite from a random hook-up such as this: I think it’s just something you need to experience for yourself. I am lost in his eyes, in his taste, in his scent, and I literally can’t pull myself away from him. People downplay the word attraction far too often.

Pulling away feels like I am saying goodbye to a longtime lover. I help him into the shower and soap him off, wanting nothing more than to pin him down on the shower floor and start all over again.

“My name is Ken, by the way,” he said with a soft laugh.

Of course, we exchanged contact information.

Of course, he has a flight home right after his meeting.

Of course, we live on opposite coasts.

Of course, the odds are we will never see each other again.

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” we joke half-heartedly, getting dressed.

We fall into a final, hungry kiss before I force myself to leave his room. “Fuck the odds,” I say under my breath as I make my way back to my room.

This story was also published on Adam4Adam


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