Glory Daze

Glory HoleOne of my fuck-buddies calls, asking if I’ve ever met the dude in my neighborhood who advertises having a private glory hole set up in his home. I’ve seen the profile dozens of time but have never checked it out: It just seems creepy, if not dangerous, and the only photo the guy offers is a close-up of his open mouth. My buddy agrees it may be a little weird yet, being the pig that he is, wants to check it out anyway. He wants me to join him, promising we can bail if it gets weird. I doubt the dude is going to let us both come over at the same time, so I agree. In less than five minutes my buddy is instructing me to rinse off and meet at the address in half an hour.

The things my dick gets me into, right?

I get there first and wait a few minutes until my buddy pulls up and parks in front of me. He gets out of his car—wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a gray ball cap—and walks over to my car. He’s tall, thin and blond, which usually isn’t my thing, but he has a huge dick which I’ve given up on trying to swallow and a great ass which, thankfully, loves getting fucked. He looks great tonight.

I roll down the window and he leans in. “This is crazy.”

“That’s why you love it,” hey says with a smile. “Let’s go blow our loads.”

I get out of my car and follow him to the front door. He rings the doorbell and we hear the deadbolt unlatch. We’re supposed to wait five minutes before opening the door, so my buddy leans down and kisses me, which makes my dick hard. “Don’t be nervous,” he whispers. “Let’s just check this out. Even if it sucks, no pun intended, it will give you something to write about.”

I nod and reach down the back of his jeans to discover he isn’t wearing underwear. I finger his smooth, tight hole until the appropriate amount of time passes and he opens the door. We step into the large, dark living room and follow candlelight to a large wooden partition blocking what I assume is a hallway. As expected, the partition has an oval hole in it about three feet off the ground, and there is a pillar candle burning on either side of it. I feel like we are here for some ritualistic offering and can’t help but imagine sticking my dick in that hole only to have it bitten or chopped off, but my buddy drops his jeans and shoves his dick through the hole before I can object.

He is moaning within seconds. “Yeah, choke on that dick, you pig. Take it all.”

I feel ridiculous and out of place, but I pull my pants off and focus on his beautifully flexed ass. He leans down, kisses me, and pulls me toward the hole. I can’t see any sign of the guy or guys behind the partition, so I close my eyes and push my cock through the hole. Someone roughly grabs my shaft from behind my balls and pulls me forward, swallowing me. The mouth is smooth and hot, and feels amazing. I stop worrying about what is attached to the mouth and lean back against my buddy as the mouth works magic. My buddy pulls my shirt off and begins playing with my nipples, knowing damned well they are hard-wired to my cock. His big dick is wedged against my back and he begins pushing it down towards my ass as though I would ever let him fuck me with that monster.

The mouth is seriously talented and has me close to shooting after a few minutes, so I pull away with a popping sound and switch places with my buddy. My buddy is moaning again, writhing and pumping like an animal in heat. I’m fascinated that the mouth isn’t choking on his huge cock, and I wish I could see how much of it he is actually taking. My buddy has to squat down a bit due to his height, which is putting his bubble butt in the perfect position. I spit on my dick and push it between his cheeks, making him moan even louder. “Fuck, yeah,” he growls as he grabs the top of the partition and arches his back. “Shove that cock up my ass.”

I’ve fucked my buddy enough times to know he is way too tight to simply “shove it in”, but I continue pushing against his hole. I spit on his back several times and watch my saliva slide down his back and pool between his cheeks. I pull his head back by his hair and smear my hot spit against his hole with my dick.

“Oh shit, man; you’re gonna make me cum if you fuck me.”

I hear the mouth moan in pleasure for the first time, and the tell-tale slurping sound lets me know he is hungry for my buddy’s load. I continue to grind my cock against his ass until the head is pushing against his hole. I hold this position as he continues grinding his ass against me. I wrap my arms around his lean body and ride the wave of pleasure with him, licking and chewing on his pale back as the pressure against his hole brings me closer and closer to orgasm.

My buddy suddenly stops grinding his hips and looks back at me, gasping. “Fuck, he’s gonna make me cum. Fuck!”

I grab his hips and push my cock into his ass, making him scream. “Ow! Fuck! Fuck! I’m cumming. I’m cumming! Oh … fuck.

I know I’ll blow my load if I move, so I keep myself locked deep inside him as he continues to scream and curse until it sounds like he is sobbing. He is trying to push me away from him but lacks the strength to dislodge me, and I am guessing by his whimpering that the mouth is refusing to let go as well. I thrust slightly, making him scream again, and then slowly, mercifully, pull out. Shuddering, he finally pulls away from the glory hole and pulls me in for a hard kiss while jacking me off. “Make him suck a load out of your dirty cock,” he hisses.

I pull away and am about to say it’s cool when the mouth makes it’s appearance by pushing up against the hole with it’s tongue out, begging for my load. My buddy pulls me towards the hole by my dick and presents me, like a prize, to the mouth.

“I want it,” the mouth says in a low, husky voice. “Please!”

I push my dick through the hole. My buddy continues kissing me and I pull him towards me as the mouth works for my load. It feels fucking amazing and I concentrate so hard on not cumming that I feel like I am removed from my body and watching the scene from above. My balls tighten and my breath constricts as I progress past the point of stopping. “Fuck,” I growl in my buddy’s mouth. “He’s gonna make me nut.”

I shoot hard in silence; so hard I am seeing flashes before my eyes and I suspect I would collapse if I wasn’t clinging to my buddy. My eyes roll back and my muscles clench as I fight from pulling away. My prolonged orgasm feels so good it is painful, and I let it roll through me as long as I can stand it until I finally pull away with a gasp and stumble away from the candlelight. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard.

Holy fuck.

My buddy pushes his semi-flaccid dick back through the hole and lets the mouth drain the last drop of cum from his monster as I lay here in a daze, marveling at the strange life I lead. I think he cums again but, I’m not certain. He eventually pulls away, helps me off the ground, and encourages me to get dressed. We watch the hole for any sign of life before determining we are probably expected to let ourselves out.

I feel like I am high as we make our way back to our cars. My buddy kisses me one last time, affectionately rather than with passion, and thanks me for joining him. “I love your neighborhood,” he says with a laugh.

This story was also published on Adam4Adam as “Two poles, one hole”

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