The Younger Man – Part 2

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I allow Trent to continue sleeping for fifteen minutes or so until the sensation of my throbbing cock against his muscular ass begins to drive me insane. I lick the back of his neck and chew on his ear until he finally turns toward me with a smile. “You let me fall asleep.”

“Just a little bit.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

I want to tell him how much I love watching him sleep, having his young muscled body against me in my bed like this, and that I would happily lie here all night. Instead, I say “I wanted you to build up enough energy for round two.”

He reaches between us and squeezes my cock. “Feels like you have enough energy for both of us.”

I playfully grab a handful of his wavy hair and pull his head back so that I can kiss his neck. I twist around and continue tracing my tongue down the course stubble of his hard chest, following his trail past his belly button to find his fat boy-dick rock hard and bouncing with his heartbeat.

Licking the salty bead of precum from the tip of his cock sets him off: He clutches my head and pushes his cock against my mouth, but hesitates until I tell him he can be as rough with me as he wants. I open my mouth and teasingly lick the base of his cock head until he pushes his cock deep down my throat. Reaching under him, I pull him on top of me so that I am flat on my back. He puts his weight into it and pushes so far down my throat I am unable to breath, his body trembling with the strain. I grasp his hips in preparation of lifting him up so that I can breathe when he pulls back on his own, as if he knows exactly how long I can hold my breath.

Trent pushes back in and starts fucking my throat, growing more and more violent with every thrust. He’s making an amazing sound—something between a gasp and a sob—and I stroke my aching cock and prepare to swallow his load.

He stops at what I assume is the brink of his orgasm, giving me a chance to enjoy the sensation of his cock pulsing against my tongue before resuming his attack on my mouth. His legs tremble as he power-fucks my throat for a few minutes until he forces himself to pull away from me.

“I almost came,” he gasps, rolling over on his back.

My throat aches and I suspect my lips are bruised, but I keep these observations to myself as I twist back around and climb on top of him. Trent wraps his hands around the back of my head and we kiss, deep and long. This chemistry between us is amazing and I find myself unable to stop dwelling on the fact he is twenty-four years younger than me.


I pull away from the kiss and hover above him. His eyes look more green than hazel in my bedroom light and I try not to fall in love with his look of wonderment.

“What?” he asks with a grin.

I can’t think of a way to make “I’m doing my best not to fall in love with you” not sound creepy, so I pull one of his hands behind his head and lightly lick his furry pit. He’s not wearing deodorant and while he doesn’t stink, he certainly smells like a man. I begin chewing on his pit, making him squirm.

“That tickles,” he yells and while he’s pretending not to like it, I can feel his engorged cock throbbing against my chest. He wraps his legs around my torso like a wrestler and attempts to roll me over with surprising strength, but I outweigh him by at least fifty pounds and am able to keep him pinned under me. I hold him down in this position until his legs finally relax and he stops struggling with a laugh.

“Roll over,” I say with a nudge.

Trent rolls onto his stomach and rocks back and forth, teasing me with his hard ass. “I get a back massage from Daddy?”

I run my fingers from his neck down to his butt, creating goose-bumps on his smooth, flawless skin. “Something like that.” I straddle him and begin kneading his shoulders, which have light freckles I hadn’t noticed before. He relaxes for a few minutes as I work his tight muscles, then arches his back and moves down a few inches so that his ass is pushing against my hard cock. “Now you’re in trouble, pup.”

He reaches across to the night stand and tosses a few condoms and my bottle of lube at me. “Don’t I know it!”

Leaning forward, I wrap my hand around the front of his neck and gentle pull him up from the pillow, twisting his head so that I can kiss him. He seems to melt in my arms as I lose myself in the passion of the kiss until my cock seems to find his ass all on its own. He drops back down in the pillow and pushes his ass against me, teasing me … daring me. I swat his ass and pull him back so that he is on his knees with his ass in the air. I drizzle lube down his smooth crack and press my thumb against his hole. Wiggling my thumb, I eventually break the seal of his tight little hole, causing him to pull away with a hiss.

“Be gentle; my butt is still sore from you fucking it.”

I sit back and admire his ass as I roll a condom over my dick. His hairy balls hang low between his thighs and are swaying with the rhythm of him jacking off. I grab his hip in one hand and pull him towards me, rubbing my dick against the lube on his ass a few times before pushing inside him.

“Shit!” he yells playfully as he tries to pull away. “You call that gentle?”

I’ve never been very good at gentle, so I respond with another slap to his ass and push further inside him. Grasping his hips with both hands, I hold this position until his tension eases and he stops trying to pull away. I pull my dick nearly all the way out and then slowly push back, enjoying the way it makes the muscles in his back and shoulders flex. Out and back in, over and over, until Trent is jacking off with a frenzy and his back is shining with sweat. I release his hips and rub the sweat from his back as he rocks his ass back and forth on my cock. He grows silent and his hole clamps onto me.

“I’m not stopping if you shoot,” I say too late, as I can feel the constrictions of his orgasm clenching around my dick.

“Fuck,” he moans, sounding both guilty and relieved. “I shot all over your sheets.”

His moan makes me laugh. “That’s what my washing machine is for.” I push him down onto his load and begin pounding his ass. He begins grunting like an animal and I can’t tell if he loves it or hates it, but he’s not asking me to stop. I press him down under my weight, wrap my arms around his chest and fuck the hell out of him until I am trembling with the need for release. I pull out and tear the condom off at the last possible moment. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I shout, sending a silent apology to my neighbors as I shoot my load all over his back and ass.

Dropping back down on him, I gently kiss the back of his neck. “”Fuck,” I whisper in his ear, mimicking his voice. “I shot all over you.” I grab a towel and wipe up what I can before rolling over on my back with what I am sure is a big goofy smile. I pull him towards me, out of his pool of jizz.

“C’était super,” he says, reminding me he is taking a French class this semester.

I lean over and kiss his face. “Is that a good thing?”

“Oui,” he says; the only French word I know. I kiss him again as he continues speaking in French, the unfamiliar words luring me into a peaceful state of semi-consciousness. I suppose one great thing about our difference in age is that he’s young enough to love hearing himself speak and I am old enough to be able to appreciate listening to him without interruption.

Yeah, I’m aware I can fall for this kid if I’m not careful, but I’ll deal with that later.



This story was also published on the Adam4Adam blog here

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