Don’t Tell Mom, Part 3: Breaking all the rules

Step-Dad(Read part 1 here)

I know I’m insane to be doing this, but here I am jacking off and licking my step-dad’s chest while he is passed out in his bed: The bed my mother slept in up until she left Mitch and I last month for some guy in Utah. I know it’s wrong on so many levels, but I’m getting close to shootings and can’t stop.

My eyes are locked on the growing bulge in Mitch’s white boxer briefs. I move to rub his crotch when Mitch wakes with a gasp and grabs the back of my head before I know what is happening. He holds my head against his chest as his eyes slowly focus on me. I can’t bring myself to take a breath.

“Kevin?” Mitch mumbles, sounding somewhat like an accusation rather than a question. “What the fuck are you doing?”

I don’t make a sound: There’s nothing I can possibly say to make this right. I turn my head to see his green eyes trying to make sense of the situation. Mitch’s muscular body is tense but he looks more confused than angry, and I suspect he may still be drunk. Aware Mitch can easily kick my ass without even working up a sweat, I quickly weigh my options and choose the path of greatest resistance and greatest potential reward. Mitch isn’t a violent man and I figure the worst that he’ll do is knock me out of his bed.

That, and kick me out of his house.

I hesitate for a second before slowly lifting my left leg onto the bed. Mitch doesn’t punch me, so I drag my other leg up. Adrenaline pounds my ears as I pull my head out from under his arm and sit up so that I am straddling his waist. I look down at Mitch’s beautiful eyes and can’t tell if he is wondering what the hell I am doing or if he is too drunk to know what is happening.

His eyes follow my hand as I rest it on his chest. A realization strikes me like a profound truth: I have to kiss him. I lower my head, bracing for when he knocks me away. I’m moving in slow motion, like one of those dreams where your whole body feels like it’s moving through molasses, and I swear it takes me five minutes to bring my mouth to his.

My lips brush across his. It’s not so much a kiss as a connection, and I’m not aware of any part of my body except the portion of my lips which are touching him. I don’t move — I don’t think I even can move, and I don’t take a breath until Mitch grasps my neck and softly pushes us apart.

He looks up at me, confusion rather than anger clouding his sharp green eyes. I lean in to kiss him again but he is holding me away, and the sensation of his hands around my neck travels directly to my cock. “Please,” I whisper as though I can will him to want me.

Mitch shakes his head. “You’re my step-son, Kevin.”

“I’m eighteen,” I remind him. “I want this.”

He smirks and relaxes his grip, lowering me towards him. “Your mother will kill us both.”

My mouth is so close to his I can smell the beer on his breath. “She’s 700 miles away and probably never coming back.”

Mitch hesitates a moment before pulling me down into a deep kiss. I wrap my legs around him and grab his hair as he twists us around so that he is in top of me, unwilling to break away from the kiss. Instead of pulling away, Mitch pushes me down under the weight of his muscular body and pushes his tongue down my throat. I’m aware Mitch is twenty years older than me and is married to my mother and I’m well aware of how wrong this should feel, yet my mind explodes with how right and perfectly natural this feels.

He rubs his huge hands over my chest, his calluses scraping across my smooth skin, then pins my arms down and kisses my neck. My skin ignites as his stubbled chin works down my neck, down my chest, until he is licking my stomach. I struggle to break free but my wrestling skills are useless against his superior size and strength. I want to touch him so much I think I may scream.

My toes find the waistband of his briefs and he laughs when I yank them down around his knees. I feel him kick his underwear off and he finally releases my hands to pull mine off as well. My cock is so hard it I pulsing with my heartbeat. I glance down between us and see Mitch’s fat cock is as hard as mine. I lean up and kiss him again, my hands moving over the tight muscles of his arms and massive shoulders. I reach around his neck and pull him towards me, but he is so strong that all I end up doing is pulling myself up towards him.

Mitch grinds his cock against mine. “We’re crazy.”

I nod, concentrating on not letting the touch of his cock make me shoot.

“I want to fuck you,” Mitch growls.

The idea of him inside me makes my eyes roll back. “I’ve never done that,” I admit.

This seems to surprise him. He kisses me again and presses my legs apart with his thighs. “You’re not saying no, though.”

“I’m not saying no.” I reach down and stroke his dick, which is no longer than mine but much thicker.

Mitch spits on his hand and fingers my hairless ass. He spits again and rubs it all over his cock. He leans forward, pressing my knees up and against my chest. I’m frozen from the reality of this moment and have to concentrate on remembering to breathe.

His dick grinds against my ass for a minute and then stops on the mark. He presses forward against my virgin hole, tension growing until his cock tears through with a blinding pain. I can’t help but scream out, but I don’t want him to stop. I hold my breath as he slowly pushes deeper inside of me, releasing a desperate gasp only after he stops moving.

Mitch holds me in this position, pinned under his weigh and skewered by his cock, until the pain begins to recede. I sense he is waiting for my approval so I meet his eyes and nod. He rubs my cheek, kisses me again, and then pushes even deeper into my guts. I grab onto his thick lats and try not to cry out as he begins to fuck me. He has a look of amazement on his face and I have to assume I share the same look as he pumps my ass like a piston.

I begin to cum without warning, so hard that it aches deep inside my ass, and the pain of Mitch’s cock intensifies as soon as the last of my load pumps out of my balls. The sound of my uncontrollable yelping seems to turn Mitch on even more, and his eyes open wide as he pumps harder and harder. I lose myself in pain and ecstasy and don’t even know what is happening until Mitch abruptly pulls out of my ass and shoots hot cum all over my stomach.

“Holy fuck, kid,” he finally groans. I’m prepared for him to finally come to his senses and tell me how wrong this is. I’m prepared for him to deny it ever happened, or claim he was too drunk to remember any of this, but I can’t bring myself to care. My ass is on fire yet my skin seems to vibrate with pleasure. It was fucking worth it, regardless of the repercussions.

Rather than make excuses, Mitch looks down at me in wonder and pulls me into another long kiss. “Yeah,” he finally says, “your mother is definitely going to kill us.”

I smile, already wanting my amazing step-dad deep inside of me again. “I suggest we don’t tell her, then.”

The end.


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