Poolside Quickie

pool studNeeding to escape reality for a day, I drive the 90 miles to Palm Springs and get a room at one of the city’s clothing-optional gay resorts. The cute blond boy at the counter jokes about me having the resort to myself, as it appears I am one of only seven guests staying at this 30-room hotel tonight. That’s fine with me: It’s 112 degrees and I am more interested in relaxing by the pool than cruising random guys.

I step into my room and am blasted with the cool air of my large suite. I toss my bag on the dinning room table, peel out of my sweaty clothes and drop onto the large bed with a sigh.

I didn’t intend to take a nap, yet wake to the heavy shadows of sunset. Looking through the curtains, I see the place is still deserted: I’m guessing the few people staying here are probably at dinner. Dinner sounds good but the pool sounds better, so I step out of my room and jump into the pool. The water is warm and I float on my back to admire the sunset-streaked sky.

“Hi,” a random voice says from my right, startling me.

Some guy I didn’t notice is in the pool with me, leaning back against the tiled border. I stand, realizing the pool is only 5’ deep or so, and return the greeting. He has red-blond wavy hair, a well-manicured beard, and is sitting on the stairs leading into the pool so that only his head is above the water. I can’t guess his age due to his dark sunglasses.

He asks me if I’m here alone and confirms he is as well. His name is Dan, he’s a Realtor from Missoula and has an interesting accent I’m guessing isn’t from Montana. He stands and stretches, obviously showing off his muscular chest and massive arms. He’s a big fucker with a furry, freckled chest and a complicated tat on his left arm.

I do my best not to stare, though subtlety was never one of my strengths.

Dan sets his glasses down and takes a step towards me. “You horny?”

I nod. So much for subtlety, right?

Taking another step closer, he wraps his huge hand around the back of my neck and kisses me. The kiss is rough and awkward, yet the brutal rawness of the act makes me hard in an instant. Before I can ask something stupid like “your room or mine?” he grabs my throbbing cock, takes a deep breath, and plunges under the water to blow me. Just like his kiss, his sucking is rough, primal and amazing.

He finally emerges after a commendably long time and attacks me with another rough kiss before lifting me out of the water so that I am sitting on the edge of the pool. He spits on my dick and begins stroking it, staring at it like he’s never seen a dick before. His hands are rough and I need to decide whether I want to pull away from this animal or let him continue to tear up my dick. I’m so focused on the crazed look in his cloudy green eyes and the intensity of his grip that it takes a few seconds to realize someone has stepped up behind me and is rubbing my shoulders. I look up to see the cute boy from the front desk. He takes my lack of reaction as an invitation to join the fun and kneels down next to me. Dan grabs the boy by his belt, pulls his crotch to his mouth, and begins chewing through his pants while jacking me off.

I concentrate on not shooting as the boy pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it behind us. He wrestles his pants down, looks at me with a playful shrug, and feeds his thick boy-dick to Dan. The kid is cute in a boyish way, with spiky blond hair and a little bit of scruff that still doesn’t make him look any older than twenty. He twists around and nibbles on my ear like the pup he is.

Dan releases his grip on my cock and switches gears, grabbing pup’s dick with his other hand while swallowing me all the way down to my balls. Pup’s frantic moans tell me Dan is being just as rough with him and I find myself staring, fascinated, at Dan’s bobbing head. This guy is a machine.

Pup begins to whimper and I’m guessing he won’t last much longer. Dan must have the same thought because he pulls up from my dick, gives me a wink, and maneuvers his open mouth to catch pup’s load.

My dick is red and aches from the abuse, but my need to shoot overpowers any sense of logic; I get up on my knees besides the boy and start jacking off. Dan wraps his arms around the two of us, nodding in appreciation as he pulls us together. Pup’s whimpering stops and I feel his body tense. A final gasp escapes as he shoots his load all over Dan’s head and face. Dan licks boy-jizz off his face with a smile, releases his grip from us, and focuses on my dick. I doubt I can take any more of his abuse, so I hold his head back with my right hand and work out a massive load which shoots down the back of Dan’s throat. Dan starts groaning and shaking as he cranks on his cock under the water, and let’s out a howl that I’m sure can be heard a mile away as he dumps his spunk into the pool.

The pup leans his head on my shoulder for a moment, gives me a quick kiss and thanks us both. Dan and I watch in silence as he gets up, locates his shirt, and leaves.

Dan ducks his head under the water and rinses most of the jizz from his face, resurfacing with a smile. “Thanks.”

I have to laugh. “Thank you.”

Dan kisses the inside of my thigh and looks around as if just now becoming aware of his surroundings. “That was random. Want to grab dinner?”

I wipe a glob of cum from his eyebrow and nod. What the hell, right?


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