Making a dominant top my bitch: Part 1

bound stud


Like many people who embrace the fetish community, I favor a particular set of scenes yet am open to experiment across the board depending on my ever-changing mood. As any of you who have stumbled across one of my online profiles already know, I identify as a dominant bondage top. Lately, however, I have been leaning towards non-sexual bondage play with men who may not necessarily identify as submissive. My current Recon profile states it best:

I’m currently looking for a local muscular sub who would enjoy meeting on a regular basis for bondage play and consensual SM scenes: Someone who has worked hard to perfect his body and is tired of guys wanting to worship him. I enjoy ropeplay and various degrees of restraint, blindfolds, edging/cum-control, forced workouts, choke/submission holds, nip play, cbt, and spanking/pain administration. I can be gentle or rough, but tend to be passionate rather than mechanical. I’m not mean or degrading by nature so I’m not your man if you are looking for that.

My play does not need to be sexual and is often better when my mind is on my boy rather than my dick – I am more about the mind-play and physical contact than using a man simply to get off. I prefer making a man submit to me rather than simply finding a submissive man: If you understand that concept we will get along just fine.

I received a response last night from a random local boy stating he is a dominant top and has no interest in being fucked, yet has been fantasizing about being overpowered and rendered helpless by an older, larger Daddy. His face is blocked by his phone in all three of his photos but he is sporting a ripped, muscular body, so I sent him my mobile number and instructed him to text me if he was serious. His text came through within a minute and while I learned very little about him, he was saying all the right things such as “Sir” and “please” and “you can do anything as long as you promise not to fuck.” This sounded too good to be true but being the ridiculously reckless person I am, I had him agree to report to me today in … well, in a few minutes.

My steel-framed bondage bed is stripped down to my industrial “play sheets” and I have tied rope around each of the four vertical supports. I have also set out a sample of my bondage gear (leather wrist and ankle restraints, a leather blindfold, a ball gag, rope in various lengths and thickness, nipple clamps, cock rings, a flog and a leather-covered steel paddle), as I prefer to allow my boys to see what I have in store for them.

He knocks on my door right on time. He is taller than I imagined, maybe 6’3”, and is wearing a ball cap, sunglasses, a blue track jacket and black basketball shorts. His face looks freshly-shaven and his glasses tell me he is nervous or afraid to be recognized by my neighbors, as it is gloomy out today.

Before I can tell him to remove his glasses, he pulls them off and energetically reaches out to shake my hand as though he’s on a job interview. His big, hazel eyes look directly at me, if not through me, and his smile reveals confidence as well as perfect teeth. “Hello, Sir,” he says in a deep, nervous voice.

Ok, he’s very handsome, but I remind myself this isn’t a date. I take his offered hand and pull him into my house, causing him to stumble: An effective trick to shake someone who is overly confident. I point him to the bathroom and tell him he better piss now in case I keep him hostage for several hours. He nods and steps into the bathroom without a word.

This is the point where they sometimes bolt, so I casually sit on my sofa and wait to see what he does next. He steps out of the bathroom, glances nervously around the living room, and walks past my front door to stand in front of me.

“Strip down to your shorts, boy,” I say, remaining seated.

He undresses with military efficiency, setting his gym shoes and socks on the floor and placing his folded clothes on the sofa beside me. He’s more muscular than his photos indicated with a smooth, lean chest, muscular shoulders and well-defined abs. His shaggy, dark-blond hair is messy due to his hat and makes him look like a little boy, though I suspect he is in his late twenties.

I stand, grab his heavy cock through his shorts, and lead him into my bedroom. I hear him inhale deeply and feel his cock thicken when he sees my gear displayed neatly on my dresser: I allow him a moment to take it all in before lifting the paddle and gliding its edge up his tight abs, between his pecs, and up his neck until it is lifting his chin.

“Sir,” he gasps as I continue pushing the paddle into his neck, “I’ve never been paddled before. My skin is really sensitive.”

“That makes it more fun for both of us.”

“Yes, Sir; but please don’t be too rough.”

I push the paddle a little harder. “Then you better behave.”

His arms remain respectively at his sides even as he swallows heavily to avoid choking. “Yes, Sir,” he whispers.

I release his cock and instruct him to remove his shorts and underwear, bend over, and grab his ankles. He obeys in silence, showing off his meaty ass which is baby-smooth except for a little hair down the crack. My cock throbs with the though of eating his boy-butt, but he hasn’t earned pleasure just yet.

I give him a light swat which makes him yelp, yet he remains in position. I swat him again with the same light force, yet he cries out as though I am beating him. I wasn’t planning to hurt him but I can’t help myself, so I give him three additional swats until he is jumping in pain and his ass has beautiful, red marks across it. I set the paddle on my dresser and run my fingers lightly over the reddening warmth of his ass.

I order him to stand so I can secure the leather restraints to his wrists and ankles. By the time I am done his dick is fully erect and pulsing with his heartbeat. He’s got a thick, veiny dick which is probably a solid 8 inches, and I can’t help but think how fun it would be to watch him pound a bottom’s ass.

I instruct him climb onto my bed and position him on his back with his head at the foot of the bed, then secure each restraint to a different bed post with rope so that he is tightly drawn spread-eagle. He tests my rope work, his abs flexing as he struggles against the restraints. He’s not going anywhere.

I secure the blindfold in place and stand back to appreciate my sexy boy. He’s breathing heavily and continues to struggle against the ropes, but his cock remains rock hard and is leaking a sweet amount of precum.

This is going to be fun.

Part 2 coming soon


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