About The Writer

EnzoMy name is Enzo and I live in Orange County, CA. I began writing erotica for the gay website adam4adam as a means of working through my never-ending writer’s block, as I am currently working on a novel. Interestingly, some of my stories were deemed too “over-the-top” for A4A, so I began this blog to showcase my filthy mind and habits.

Some of the stories penned by me are loosely based on my personal experiences, and some are purely the imaginative ramblings of a pervert. I doubt I will ever admit which are real and which are fiction, but names and specific details are always altered out of respect for those of you who may have crossed my path along the way. I’m a gay man, in case that hasn’t sunk in, though I’ve found that straight women appreciate my stories just as much as the boys.

Boring disclaimers

I offer these stories free of charge for your enjoyment, but do not grant permission to post any of this material elsewhere in any form (ReBlogging is Allowed, provided http://www.cockedtales.wordpress.com is cited as the origin).  All Articles and stories penned by me which appear on any website or are distributed in any form not authorized by the owner will be reported accordingly as a violation to Digital Millennium Copyright Act which is strictly observed by service providing companies such as Google, Yahoo, WordPress, Tumbler, etc. This is a personal blog site and is not part of any group or organization and will not solicit funds or ask for assistance from an individual or group to solicit on behalf of the owner.

I hope you enjoy reading them half as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.


4 responses to “About The Writer

  1. “Over-the-top” and “perverted” stories are only best kind of story out there! Thank for you for sharing these for no charge 🙂

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