The Younger Man – Part 2

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I allow Trent to continue sleeping for fifteen minutes or so until the sensation of my throbbing cock against his muscular ass begins to drive me insane. I lick the back of his neck and chew on his ear until he finally turns toward me with a smile. “You let me fall asleep.”

“Just a little bit.”

“Why didn’t you wake me?”

I want to tell him how much I love watching him sleep, having his young muscled body against me in my bed like this, and that I would happily lie here all night. Instead, I say “I wanted you to build up enough energy for round two.” Continue reading

The Younger Man, Part 1

younger manTrent hit me up online a few weeks ago and has been aggressively pursuing me until I finally agreed—against my better judgment—to invite him over tonight. Don’t get me wrong: I have no complaint about a sexy, muscular jock wanting to climb into my bed; but I’m a little wary about our difference in age. I just celebrated my forty-seventh birthday last week, making me 24 years older than Trent.

He shows up at my door with a hint of a smirk on his scruffy face, his hazel eyes dancing as he introduces himself. At 5’10” he is only a few inches shorter than me but his lean, athletic body makes me feel like a giant in comparison. He pats me on the arm like an old friend and glances around my living room before finally looking up at me. This boy is fucking beautiful, yet oddly masculine for someone so young. Continue reading

Blind Date

blindfoldI make it to the Embassy Suites right on time and navigate my way through the large atrium of a lobby. I locate the second phone to the right of the elevators and, as promised, find the key card hidden underneath it. Key in hand, I head up to his room and open the door onto a large, dark hotel room illuminated only by the city lights coming in through the partially drawn curtains. I remain by the door for a minute to allow my eyes to adjust. Slowly, I focus on my prize: The dude I met on Adam4Adam lying naked on his back, head hanging over the foot of the bed, blindfolded with what looks like a black undershirt.

I step towards him, scanning the room for anyone lurking in the shadowy corners. I’m a little nervous, which is always hot, and my cock is doing it’s best to push its way out of my pants. I drop to my knees so that my face is more level with his and inspect the merchandise. He has dark brown hair – long enough to grab yet short enough for the business exec visiting from Atlanta he claims to be. He is clean shaven and looks fairly pale in this light. He gasps when I trace my index finger across his Adam’s apple and down his smooth, muscular neck. He tips his head further back as though he wants me to kiss him.

Not yet, pretty-boy.

I rub my hand down his chest, which causes him to moan and writhe a little. He is thin, yet defined, and he either shaves his body or is amazingly smooth for a thirty-something-year-old. His cock is rock hard and curving up against his belly-button: It’s probably around seven inches but looks huge against his small frame. His online profile claims he is 5’10” but I’m guessing he’s a little shorter, though it’s hard to tell at this angle. I stand up and take another look around the room, finding the lube, condoms and bottles of water on the nightstand just as he promised.

Good boy. Continue reading

Glory Daze

Glory HoleOne of my fuck-buddies calls, asking if I’ve ever met the dude in my neighborhood who advertises having a private glory hole set up in his home. I’ve seen the profile dozens of time but have never checked it out: It just seems creepy, if not dangerous, and the only photo the guy offers is a close-up of his open mouth. My buddy agrees it may be a little weird yet, being the pig that he is, wants to check it out anyway. He wants me to join him, promising we can bail if it gets weird. I doubt the dude is going to let us both come over at the same time, so I agree. In less than five minutes my buddy is instructing me to rinse off and meet at the address in half an hour.

The things my dick gets me into, right?

I get there first and wait a few minutes until my buddy pulls up and parks in front of me. He gets out of his car—wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a gray ball cap—and walks over to my car. He’s tall, thin and blond, which usually isn’t my thing, but he has a huge dick which I’ve given up on trying to swallow and a great ass which, thankfully, loves getting fucked. He looks great tonight.

I roll down the window and he leans in. “This is crazy.”

“That’s why you love it,” hey says with a smile. “Let’s go blow our loads.” Continue reading

What happens in Vegas …

10en71yI’m wide awake at 7 am for some reason, even though my friends and I were up in the casino till 3 am. I glance at the other bed in our suite to see my buddy dead asleep. I’m a little hung over and seriously horny, so I log on to A4A Radar and find 14 other men within 300 feet and apparently in the same predicament. I love how many gay men stay here at the Cosmopolitan.

One guy catches my attention: 36 years old, bottom, decent shape, and looks like he may be Latin. I hit him up with a simple “What’s going on, handsome?” and find out that he is killing time before a 10am meeting, is horny, likes to kiss and be dominated, is 6 floors below me and needs 20 minutes to get ready. I have condoms and he has lube. I can’t remember the last time a hook up was orchestrated so efficiently and before I allow myself time to question it, I am showered and on my way down to his room.

He answers the door in gym shorts and a tight white t-shirt, looking nothing like I imagined from his photo: This boy is breathtakingly handsome with bright blue eyes, light brown hair and reddish scruff. He is 5’9” at best and is built like a gymnast on steroids. I run my hand through his wavy hair as a greeting, then close the door behind me and pull him in for a kiss. The connection is electric, and I know in an instant by his moan and the way he is clinging to me that he feels exactly the same way. I push him against the wall and kiss him hard and deep until we are both gasping for breath.

We finally pull apart long enough for me to pull his shirt off. I’m conscious that anything I say at this moment will sound completely stupid, so I just stand back and admire his defined shoulders and hard chest. He has just the right amount of light brown chest hair, which trails down his tight abs and under the waistband of his shorts.

He rubs his hands over my chest and down my arms. “Damn, you’re buff,” he says, making me laugh.

I can’t think of anything else to say other than “I want you.”

“You have me!”

Continue reading

My Naughty Neighbor

naughty neighborI hadn’t been in my new place a full three days before my neighbor made his move. He and his wife introduced themselves as I was moving in, so I didn’t think much of it when he walked across the street to join me as I was taking out the trash. He asked how the move went and I invited him to check out what I did to the place. He looked cute enough, in that straight-guy way: Bushy brown hair, blue eyes, a few days worth of scruff and a lean athletic body. I guessed him to be in his early thirties. He was a little taller than I am, maybe 6’1”.

We spent a few minutes on boring small talk until he saw my king-sized steel-framed bed, which basically took up 80% of my bedroom. “Damn, that’s some bed.”

If he wasn’t straight, I would have explained it was great for bondage scenes, but I didn’t want to scare him away just yet. “It’s a pain in the ass to move, but I think it’s cool.” I reached up and playfully hung from the top beam. “It’s great for pull-ups.”

“Is that the secret to those huge arms?”

If he wasn’t straight, I would have assumed he was hitting on me. “That, and genetics, I guess.”

“How big are your biceps?”

“A little more than 18 inches,” I replied.

“Damn,” he said, whistling. “I doubt I could even get my hands around them.”

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The Dark Room

dark roomI decided to check out one of sin city’s sex clubs, as it was my fourth night in town without so much as a blowjob and I was going crazy. The place was a little more run-down than I had imagined, but it was fairly busy with a diverse crowd. It had numerous private rooms, various “scene-rooms”, and a dark room. I wrapped a towel around my waist and wandered around the narrow, red-lit halls and for 30 minutes or so, but no one really caught my interest. I poked my head in the dark room, which had an s-shaped entry hall to keep out the light. I couldn’t see a thing, but it was full of moaning action. I was tempted to join the fun, but everyone entering or leaving the room were out-of-shape guys who all looked older than my grandfather.

Frustrated yet horny, I headed to the showers and decided jacking off in front of random guys could be fun. A few guys stopped to watch me and I was about to crank one out and call it a night when a fucking stud stepped into the room, glanced at my hard cock and smiled. He looked Latin or Italian with cropped dark hair and dark eyes. He had a smooth, ripped gymnast body and a chiseled face with a few days growth of scruff. His dick hung low and was semi-hard; his balls were smooth and full. He joined me under the stream of hot water without a word, pushed my hand away from my aching cock, and slowly stroked it. He was shorter, maybe 5’9”, and he licked my neck and hairy chest before dragging me out of the shower by my cock. I followed him into the dark-room without question.

I couldn’t see for shit, yet allowed him to lead me deep into inside. The room felt bigger than I had imagined, and smelled of man and bleach. My stud pulled me close to him and began licking my chest again. I wrapped my hands around his neck and guided him to my right nipple, which he began chewing on. I jumped when someone touched my thigh, and again when someone else started rubbing my back. I ran my hands down the stud’s ripped body and encountered random hands and mouths along the way. He reached up and began kissing me and I focused on his mouth as someone started rubbing my ass. He started moaning and I could tell someone was blowing him. He let go of my cock and grabbed my neck with both hands, pulling my mouth towards his as we continued to make out.

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