Don’t Tell Mom, Part 3: Breaking all the rules

Step-Dad(Read part 1 here)

I know I’m insane to be doing this, but here I am jacking off and licking my step-dad’s chest while he is passed out in his bed: The bed my mother slept in up until she left Mitch and I last month for some guy in Utah. I know it’s wrong on so many levels, but I’m getting close to shootings and can’t stop.

My eyes are locked on the growing bulge in Mitch’s white boxer briefs. I move to rub his crotch when Mitch wakes with a gasp and grabs the back of my head before I know what is happening. He holds my head against his chest as his eyes slowly focus on me. I can’t bring myself to take a breath.

“Kevin?” Mitch mumbles, sounding somewhat like an accusation rather than a question. “What the fuck are you doing?”

I don’t make a sound: There’s nothing I can possibly say to make this right. I turn my head to see his green eyes trying to make sense of the situation. Mitch’s muscular body is tense but he looks more confused than angry, and I suspect he may still be drunk. Aware Mitch can easily kick my ass without even working up a sweat, I quickly weigh my options and choose the path of greatest resistance and greatest potential reward. Mitch isn’t a violent man and I figure the worst that he’ll do is knock me out of his bed.

That, and kick me out of his house.

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Glory Daze

Glory HoleOne of my fuck-buddies calls, asking if I’ve ever met the dude in my neighborhood who advertises having a private glory hole set up in his home. I’ve seen the profile dozens of time but have never checked it out: It just seems creepy, if not dangerous, and the only photo the guy offers is a close-up of his open mouth. My buddy agrees it may be a little weird yet, being the pig that he is, wants to check it out anyway. He wants me to join him, promising we can bail if it gets weird. I doubt the dude is going to let us both come over at the same time, so I agree. In less than five minutes my buddy is instructing me to rinse off and meet at the address in half an hour.

The things my dick gets me into, right?

I get there first and wait a few minutes until my buddy pulls up and parks in front of me. He gets out of his car—wearing jeans, a black t-shirt and a gray ball cap—and walks over to my car. He’s tall, thin and blond, which usually isn’t my thing, but he has a huge dick which I’ve given up on trying to swallow and a great ass which, thankfully, loves getting fucked. He looks great tonight.

I roll down the window and he leans in. “This is crazy.”

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The Porn Star

big maxI recently came across Big Max online just before midnight on a Tuesday night. I’ve seen him in dozens of porn scenes and knew he worked here in Orange County as an escort, but I have never seen him online before. I assumed it was a waste of time to hit on a famous porn star but I was horny and bored, so I sent him a simple message. “How’s it going tonight, handsome?”

“I’m good,” he wrote back. “Bored and a little horny.”

That got a rise from my eyebrows as well as my dick. “Same here.”

“You a top?” he asked. “I’d love to get fucked tonight.”

That surprised me on several levels: One; Big Max is always the big rough top in his movies. Two; while I’m not ugly, Big Max is stunningly beautiful by anyone’s standards and I wasn’t sure what he expected from me.

“Total dom top here,” I typed back, hoping that kept his attention rather than scaring him away.

We messaged back and forth a few times and before I knew it, I had his address. “What’s your name?” I asked. I’m not sure why, and I was afraid it could offend him, but I was embarrassed to admit that I recognized him from his movies. Recognized, hell: I’ve blown my load watching his scenes at least 100 times.

He said his name was Jason and I told him I’d be at his place in 30 minutes.

I took a quick shower, put on a ball cap and made it to his apartment right on time. He answered the door wearing sweats and an old wife beater that showed off his muscled body. The first thing that surprised me was how short he was: I’m six foot even so he had to be 5’7” at best. The second surprise was that he looked much better than he did in his movies; and even more muscular than I had imagined. His wavy brown hair was wet, so I assumed he just stepped out of the shower. His grey eyes looked tired and if I didn’t know any better, I would have guessed he was shy or nervous. He asked if I wanted a drink and started making polite small talk.

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